Who Cares, Kuala Lumpur

This is fiction, not a documentary.

Denis and Junvinna are unemployed. Both of them are freshly graduated from their further studies. At the same time, Ryan and Maylyn, fresh graduate (unemployed) are doing research on a documentary script which issued about Unemployment, Jobless and Dreams. Junvinna was a singer, Denis was a Junior Designer. They left their career because they faced certain difficulties which caused them to suffer mentally. However, their dreams “engage” them to move forward. In a dilemma, their current situation stops them from achieving it. Facing unknown tomorrow, they decided to answer with one question: Who Cares?

Junvina Lim won the Best Actress from BMW Shorties 2010.
At the same time it’s the Finalist and nominated in Best Editing from BMW Shorties 2010.